Customer Testimonials for 2nd Chance Auto NC

- Mark G. - US ARMY RET. Fayetteville - NC - 1981 Mercedes Benz 240 D

My wife wanted a Bio Diesel Car. We searched Craigslist and found 2nd Chance Auto, and met with Greg. He sold us a 1981 Merz 240 D. It was perfect. Greg got us a great deal on a new paint job and My wife loves it.

- Tracy K. - US ARMY - Fayetteville - NC - 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible

We wanted to suprise our daughter with a nice used car. We started driving North of Fayetteville and drove to Sanford. As we were driving by 2nd Chance Auto we saw a great looking Black Convertible Cruiser and pulled in. The price on the window was a real deal and Greg took a lot of time to show us all the options the car. We also decided to purchase the 5 year 100K Mile Power Train Warranty. The price was great and my daughter loved the car. Highly recommend doing busness with Greg at 2nd Chance Auto NC.

- Guhaprasanna M. - Raleigh - NC - 2002 Saturn SC2

I'm a college student and needed someone to give me a deal and talk straight to me. I got both things from Greg @ 2nd Chance Auto. I got a super deal on my car and the Customer Service was great. Thanks a lot Greg.

- Abrehat G. - Durham, NC - 2003 Land Rover Discovery

I lucked out and got a SUV, STEAL of the WEEK from 2nd Chance Auto. The price was right at Avg. Trade-In and was at least $1500 less than any ohter car I could find like it in the Triangle area. Thanks.

- Kathleen F. - Raleigh - NC - 2008 Jeep Patriot

I was getting ready to graduate and my Dad said he'd help me purchase vehicle. I went online and found 2ND CHANCE AUTO. I called Greg about the Jeep Patriot I had seen advertised on Craigslist. He explained everything about the Jeep to me and we drove to Sanford, my father and I. We were both happy to see that he Jeep was even nicer than Greg had described. I love my Patriot and my father and I were both impressed with the customer service Greg provided us. Thanks.

- Judith S. - Sanford - NC - 2005 Suzuki Verona

My car was totaled after the big Tornado hit Sanford. I was looking for a vehicle to replace mine and drove by 2ND CHANCE AUTO. I saw the Verona in the Front Row and pulled in. I spoke with Greg about the car. He told me everything about the car and how all their cars are serviced, inspected and certified. I ended up getting the Verona for a great deal and also got it covered by a 5 year 100K mile warranty. Very nice buying experience, would highly recommend purchasing from 2ND CHANCE AUTO.

- Jessica M. - Charlotte - NC - 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT

We came accross an ad that Greg had run on Craigslist. When we called he was very informative and explained to my husband and I how 2ND CHANCE AUTO does business. We were looking for a deal and Greg gave us one. We purchased our 2008 Grand Caravan SXT with only 32K Miles at wholesale. Just like they advertise this van was thousands less than any other van we had seen online. We're very happy with our vehicle and with the customer service. We were given a 30 day tag and all our DMV paperwork was handled by the dealership. We received our Tags and Title in the mail as promised and on time. Thanks Greg.

- Reynaldo C. - Winston Salem - NC - 1999 Mercedes Benz E-320

I was looking for a nice Benz for under 5K. I was searching and came accross and ad from 2nd Chance Auto. The description was very detailed. I called to ask a few questions and was very pleased with all the information Greg was able to provide me about the car. I set an appointment and drove 90 minutes to test drive the car. I was not disappointed. Everything Greg had told me about the car was right on. After driving the car we did business and Greg even arranged to transport the car back to Winston Salem for me that same day. Very good buying experience and I will buy from Greg again.

- Ana R. - Sanford - NC - 2005 Chevy Venture LS

I just got my insurance check from the Tornado that hit Sanford. I was looking to get the most Van for my money. I had a friend recommned 2nd Chance Auto. We drove over and saw a Steal of the Week van being advertised for $2K less than other dealers. I spoke with Greg and he let me have the van inspected by my father who is a mechanic. He told me that the van was in great shape and at the price it was being sold for, I needed to buy it. I am very happy I did and really am enjoying my new van. Thanks Greg.